Designer Curtains

We are a world-class interior furniture manufacturer with a highly skilled team. Our professionals have the expertise to customise designer curtains to your personal style and taste. We create opulent drapery to complement your personal interior decor. We can design stunning, classical drapery and lavish curtain arrangements, achieving an eye-catching signature look in your home. Designer curtains are conceived with imagination and creativity, and are custom manufactured from superior designer fabrics in a style that suits your needs and budget.

With over 30 year's experience, we operate as an industry leader in custom made furniture. We offer only the highest quality luxurious window fashions where traditional ideas are combined with a touch of originality. We understand that everyone has their own tastes and needs, which is why we cater our design specifications to best meet your desires. We know the small details can produce all the difference, that's why we use features of swags, tails, pelmets, valances, ruffles, pleating and tiebacks to create the designer curtains you require.

We offer only the highest quality custom made designer curtains. Selected for simplistic, classical or distinctive features, our designer curtains are tailored to fit your vision. Our highly skilled team superbly manufacture a collection of curtains and window dressings, including:

  • Classically styled drapes
  • Stunning feature swags and tails
  • Padded pelmets
  • Opulent blinds

All of our designer window dressings and designer curtains are custom made, with the option to create a truly individual style within your home. We have a wide variety of fabrics, textures and colours to choose from. We provides highly innovative and exciting curtains and drapes that can certainly enhance the ambience of your home.

For customised curtains and window furnishings of high quality, call us on 1300 133 326 today or submit an online enquiry form.

Unique Curtains and Window Furnishings

Our curtains are designed for more than just practicality and style. Our window furnishings and designer curtains help you live in a home you're happy with. With design experience in various window furnishings, we can create a window treatment to suit your living, dining, bedroom, kitchen, study or bathroom. Our designer curtains are suitable for any room in your home! Simply click here to take a look at our great range of drapery.

As an experienced interior design company with a talented team of craftsmen and women, Timeless Interiors creates modern or classical style designer curtains suitable for any room. These styles include:

  • French
  • Modern
  • Neo-classical
  • Victorian
  • Austrian
  • Art Deco

To add convenience to our expertise, we can also deliver your custom made furniture. It's our way of providing a personalised and exciting experience for our clients. With delivered personalised service every time, we creates exclusive designer curtains and interiors to harmonise your home.

We are dedicated to ensure we bring your space together and create an interior you feel comfortable in. Contact us to discuss how you would like to customise your designer curtains.

A History of Passion

Mark Alexander Wakeling is our chief designer. His passion and expertise represents the heart and soul of the company. After winning the 'Top Apprentice of the Year' award three years in a row at the age of 15, Mark has since worked tirelessly in the industry and built four world class galleries. With more than 33 years of personal experience, Mark has built our company to be Melbourne's choice for customised interior furniture. His ability to proportionate and combine fabric, texture and durability is of the highest international standard. Our team has learned Mark's skills and can achieve the perfect match between curtains, furnishings, fabrics and walls. We are your best choice for high quality designer curtains and interior furniture.

For designer curtains with a truly individual feel and style, choose the expert designers, choose us! Call us now on 1300 133 326.